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The core level of football is nowhere near good enough. So far we've been getting by on shitty football but lots of effort and scoring 1 goal. When the motivation isn't there the football we play isn't good enough to even beat the likes of Valladolid. That's what's troubling about these last 2 results.

Sure on the flipside could argue it's good that when there's a need for a result we can clearly improve defensively. Offensively we've looked the same all year though


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Yes, champions, but I don't understand the mindset to forfeit games. Or maybe I should remind the Juventus points deduction, a scenario likely to hit Barca soon.


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Joan Collet (ex-Espanyol president): "| demand an investigation into what happened in Valladolid yesterday.

Barça's loss not only harms Espanyol, but also 5 other teams."

We played so badly that we’re being accused of having done it deliberately :lol:


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It's great to see those wannabe Real Madrid B team idiots cry tbh.

Especially after getting away with what happened last week.


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Xavi is doing the right things for most part.

Resting Pedri and Araujo who both had injury problems and were probably rushed back.

Then has to play some of the squad players who may be needed last season while also cutting minutes of players he wants to leave.

These games are not about the results but protecting some players/testing others and making clear to others their time is nearly up.

Having said that.. take Gavi off yesterday and keep Torre on.. not only was Torre better but Gavi has played a lot of minutes this season already.

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Here's chihua's touches from yesterday, nothing but side and back passes. Hilarious someone actually took the time to make the video. Majority of MLS midfielders would be better for Barca than this numpty.



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Gavi has 1 goal and 3 assists in La Liga 22/23. I am all for giving younger players a shot at proving themselves… but this is simply not good enough for a starter at Barca.

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