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Seeing Araujo-Kounde-Alonso clear almost everything today is therapeutic. Obviously Christensen's calmness will be very missed versus stronger opponents but I'm not used to CBs actually not making incredible brainfarts like late Pique, post-injury Umtiti and Lenglet used to in every game.


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All these young managers getting fired & shit all over Europe with teams that have much more resources than Barcelona & coaches who are also way more experienced in top flight management than xavi, just goes to show how good of a job he's doing on his first full season in Europe.

Potter getting the can.
Nags getting the can
ETH at Man Utd after spending X2 more than us, have been falling out of form recently & may miss out on CL qualifications & if they don't win the EL, after all that hype would end the season trophy less.

Mean while xavi, club in crisis, has one zero in the last 3 years.

It about to win the League & might throw in a Copa as a little sweetener, yet the Barca forum brain trust shits on him.

Thank God we actual smart people running the club.


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Proved right yet again.
Xavi is the King of beating third class farmer liga teams. However put him up against a proper team in a high intensity ko game and he flops BADLY.

When was the last time we lost by 4 goals at home to Real??

Completely unacceptable. This guy needs to quit at the end of the season. I hope the alarm bells are ringing for Laporta.


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He is a crap manager. We were never great in the league either. The stats are misleading. Even against crap opposition we concede chances. Problem is their forwards are so bad they can't finish. This makes us look good when we are actually bad.

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