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Normally I'd drop a comment about how bad he is compared to Bossquets but you already know that ;)

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I have a massive man crush on him and if Edward wouldn't have bigged up so many shit players before, I would have joined him a long time ago. He even loves the same shows I do:

You’re also a big fan of Dexter. Have you ever thought after a game, only metaphorically, that you would like to put someone on Dexter’s killing table?

Yes, I believe that we’ve all thought that at times. Dexter has a very attractive personality, for this lack of sentiments combined with a human touch that gets to you. And sometimes you think: perhaps I’m getting more emotional with him than I should. On those occasions, you share that “dark passenger” that he speaks so much about.

Another of your favorite series is Mad Men. Do you feel like a footballer from another era?

Well, in some things yes. With the boots, for example. I don’t like so many colors. I always tell the people of Adidas to send me black boots, the ones they’ve been making forever. Perhaps I have a more classic profile than others and in this sense I do like the classic and elegant world of Mad Men.

At first I thought you were on drugs talking to yourself, imagining Ed's responses about your shared interests :lol:
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the classic and elegant and DECAYING MORALLY BANKRUPT RACIST WORLD of Mad Men.

and he stans for a serial killer as well.

no wonder he loves Mourinho.

Deco 20

Scandinavian 101
His best game of the tournament, finally realising that he shouldn't take Xavi's place! :worthy:

:troll: but there's more than a grain of thruth in it
In fairness possibly his worst game individually
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Alonso is awesome and his beard his even more awesome.

Alonso :worthy:

Boss. :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:

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