Women's football


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17 goals, 18 assists in 18 games in Liga F.

25 goals, 25 assists in all competitions.

Best player in the world.




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To be honest.. Barca femeni currently has TOP 4 female footballers in the world.. Hansen,Bonmati,Alexia and Parauello.


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Nice lineup against Levante

Paños; Torrejón, Paredes, Martina, Ona Batlle; Vicky López, Patri, Alexia; Bruna, Salma y Pina

1-0 Bruna, assist from Salma and great pre-assist by Pina


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Not concerned. Barcelona will win the WCL and will be the undisputed GOAT club.

So we don't associate ourselves with trash like Madrid again

Barca are favorites no doubt, but Chelsea isn't a bad team either.. Last season Barca won 2-1 on AGG if I remember correctly? I'm hoping for Barcelona-Lyon in the final..


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In fact, Aitana is the most valuable footballer in the world and the first to surpass half a million (€650,000). Rounding out the podium are Alexia, Graham and Sam Kerr (€500,000 each). Barça are followed by Patri Guijarro (€450,000), Mapi León (€350,000), Rolfö and Walsh (€325,000), and Mariona and Ona Batlle (€300,000).

With all this, in addition, top-level players were also signed following a clear strategy: it was about taking advantage of market opportunities to bring in free players and bet, at the same time, on the academy. For this reason, the cost of Barcelona's current squad - counting the first team players and those who have a 'B' card but are in dynamics - is just over 450,000 euros. €50,000 was paid to Atletico for Mapi Leon in 2017, 400,000 to Manchester City for Keira Walsh in 2022 (it was an emergency signing, which was not contemplated, after Alexia's injury, and has become essential), and a symbolic amount to Inter in January 2023 for Giulia Dragoni, who joined La Masia at the age of sixteen. It should be remembered that for Lieke Martens, in 2017 too, an amount close to 40,000 was paid to Rosengard, the club with which he had a contract in 2019. It was a historic signing.

Thus, players such as Graham, Salma, Rolfö, Paredes, Ona Batlle -who came out of the academy-, Engen, Cata Coll, Bronze or Brugts arrived without transfer cost recently. Others did it more years ago, at the beginning of the professionalization of the section: Alexia (2012), Torrejón (2013), Mariona (2014), Patri Guijarro (2015) or Sandra Paños (2015). And others came up from the academy, such as Aitana, Pina, Jana, Bruna or Gemma Font at the time, and Martina, Lucía Corrales, Júlia Bartel or Judit Pujols (with minutes this course) now. And here they are joined by Vicky López, the aforementioned Dragoni or Ari Arias, who were signed to start with the reserve team but with the projection to be in the first team.

The market value of Barça's players

Aitana (650.000)
Alexia (500.000)
Graham (500.000)
Patri (450.000)
Mapi León (350.000)
Rolfö (325.000)
Walsh (325.000)
Mariona (300.000)
Ona Batlle (300.000)
Pina (275.000)
Salma (250.000)
Brugts (175.000)
Paredes (150.000)
Paños (150.000)
Bronze (115.000)
Cata Coll (110.000)
Engen (100.000)
Bruna (80.000)
Vicky López (75.000)
Dragoni (75.000)
Torrejón (70.000)
Jana (60.000)
Martina (60.000)
Lucía Corrales (40.000)
Gemma Font (40.000)
Ari Arias (30.000)

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