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Unfortunately have some work to do so probably won't be able to watch full game. Will hopefully catch 2nd half or then watch a replay.

40k+ fans expected.

Alexia on the bench




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Created enough chances to win the game. Will have to be clinical next week
Enough but they surely could’ve been far more dangerous. I think Jona screwed the pooch trying to field the strongest XI by putting Rolfo at LB and switching Batlle to the right - that right side never produced much chemistry with Caro. Isolating your strongest attacking players was the goal from Chelsea, along with the usual English buffoonery of negative tactics, fouls and delays.

Femeni had challenges to play out of pressure and I think it would’ve worked better with Batlle on the left and Brugts on the right - the Dutch international would’ve been better with the physicality and connecting with Hansen

Hayes will look to likely sit in a low block again and hope to hit on the counter in the return leg

On the other side of the draw, a sensational match in France between OL & PSG - wow, incredible action. One of the most entertaining matches for women I have seen in a long time. OL continue to be very impressive


Went to Montjuic yesterday, to watch the women's team for the first time, with high expectations. Just my luck :LOL:

Reminded me a bit of Barça being slow in transition.

Salma Paralluelo was poor. Graham was invisible.

That being said, I think we were the superior team and had enough chances to draw or win the match. Let's hope we do better in London.


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Well, Hansen & Salma were isolated - when they were on the ball, they were a factor. Problem began further back in their own third, unable to play effectively out of the back before Chelsea sat in a low block

Part of that was Rolfo‘s inability to play out of pressure effectively at LB - her lack of strength or pace forced to routinely play it back and that permitted Chelsea to have plenty of time to organize in transition when Barca could release the ball into midfield

Batlle had zero chemistry with CGH on the right side too so here, a big mistake IMHO by Jona to roll the dice with the XI. I am sure being the obsessive tactician he is, he will look to correct that in the return leg

Vicky, Pina, Bruno & Dragoni are all interesting options to consider here over Alexia I am afraid even though Putellas very nearly (And should’ve) equalized at the final whistle

Shame about Olympic stadium, it is absolutely shit for football although it is only a temporary home. Narrow rows, fixed seats that do not fold up permitting people to pass easily (or even be comfortable) and the viewing lines are poor in the corners of the stadium where the running track keeps fans even further away. The good is that it is a beautiful area of city and the exterior architecture is iconic - plus shuttle buses permit fairly straightforward access. Surprised the club didn’t looks to bolster concessions because that and using the washroom at halftime is very inadequate. It is what it is I guess considering club had to use something in the interim during Camp Nou work but far from a fortress like Lucho said
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That is to say, in general, the walk to Camp Nou on game day is a favorite ritual of mine - city is leaking blaugrana enthusiasm and while not the same in Montjuic, the spirit is palpable. Moreover, it is a family vibe

What made me fall for the club in the first place


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I still believe we will go through. Just need to take our chances in London.

In other news, Barca B beat Espanyol 5-0 and are close to defend their title in Primera RFEF (Second Division). Only have to win in Bilbao against Athletic B next week to confirm the title. Obviously can't get promoted so Deportivo La Coruna who we are tied with at the top of the table (we have a better h2h and GD though) will play in Liga F next season.

Still a very good sign we have promising young players upcoming who could eventually replace first team players if/when we'll have to let some of them go in coming years.


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Didn't think that was a second yellow tbh, got to take advantage now. Although our right hand side is so vulnerable to the counter with Bronze out of position so often.

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