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Job well done Valencia!! Cost Madrid 2 valuable points at the very beginning of the season. I hope every season that Valencia will be consistent and they fall short. This season I'm hoping that again they will be, now let's see...


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You really shouldn't spread sensationalist talk like this before anything is known.

And it looked AWFUL but I've seen that in sports before ending up as a false alarm or as a neckbone fracture with zero nerve damage. I'm worried but please don't spread rumores like this.
I'm not trying to spread rumors or sensationalism, but his legs were not moving after that. His arms were though. The guy was in shock as he was trying to get up and couldn't (didn't move his legs while trying to move up), but I could be 100% wrong though.


Lady Gago got a head knock he's expected to be back with Valencia in Thursday, he'll probably sit a game out tho.

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Looks like he's fine, well probably got a concussion so not fine but as close to the best case scenario you can get here.

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Lots of Di Matteo rumors but none reliable. The most reliable Valencia source, SuperDeporte, says they are negotiating with Valverde, but they only want to give him a contract until the end of the season and he wants a longer one.

There's also Luis Enrique rumors, something I really don't want to see.

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