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Murray, Murray, Murray, what a champ. Continues to improve his game and wipe away the things holding him back. 2-1 up against Federer, you can do it.


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Andy Murray beats Federer! Brilliant game, and it now looks like Murray has his number.

Really enjoyed the match, and the final should be another super thriller ride!

I miss Nadal.


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This is his 6th GS final. More importantly it's his 3rd in a row (and the Olympic Gold is sandwiched in between). Quite simply he's been in the top 2 in the world since June last year and if he can keep this up will easily overtake Federer in the rankings. Still not convinced Nadal will come back like he was.

I'd say its 55/45 to Djokovic in terms of the final. Tough one to call but I'd give the slight edge to Djokovic.


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Not that I hold any animosity towards Djokovic or anything...


But I'd love to see Murray win this one. The way he has always gone from being either British or just Scottish depending on how well he does in tournaments has always made me feel a bit sorry him :lol:


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The difference in the pace of the ground strokes was quite striking in the Murray- Fed match. It was like a heavyweight fighting a middle-weight, we've seen this a lot more in recent times as well like for example when Fed lost to Tsonga in the quarters at Wimbledon or his loss against Berdych in the US Open. Federer is getting pushed around and out-muscled by the bigger hitters in recent times like Tsonga and Berdych and now Murray is striking the ball very hard as well. Fed's serve is also lacking it's edge, he's never been a power server and relied more on placement but it seems like he isn't getting the cheap points on serve like the other top guys are when they play against him and he's having to work harder to hold his serve.

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