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  • wag1 homie. added u on my other account goalp2p. lay liverpool on me when new league is made, and 200m.
    Hey man my schedule is finally freed up so would you be willing to get me initiated on soccermanager and tell me what it's about and how to play?
    i feel Laudrup can do a better job then i am so i'll be letting go of them.

    which english teams are left in the new league
    Great! Yeah, I'd be fine with it, no problem at all. I'm excited to know what you think of the book!
    Would be nice :) as I wrote below, if someone really wants in give it to the person. But yeah, would be great :D

    (not enough space for private messages >.<)
    Thanks for the notification though :) If anyone else wants it you should probably give it to him/her. But I'm definitely interested (long/short term) if it's not too much of a hassle
    hey bitch... :D

    puyol the wall wants to take over inter @ petra league... so give him his job ..asked me like about u thousand times...
    bro ... do me a favour. when you finally get "A Dance with Dragons" ... I want you to promise me you won't read it when you have something to do. I have three chapters left, and the way one chapter just ended I cannot concentrate on work right now. HOOOLLLYYY CRAP!! when does this book come out in England again?
    I did reply you earlier but seems I accidentally posted it on my own profile, not yours;

    It kinda did work though, you had me very confused. You will have plenty opertunity to expand on that in the future though, am frequently hungover.

    btw, in all gay relationship situations, I wear the trousers.
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