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  • Karachi aao khud samajh jao gey!

    Kidnappings, extortion calls, identity theft is just piece of cake here.

    Laying down the law is as easy as it gets.

    10/10 for TLOU?

    I can't play any other game now even Bioshock Infinite & Metro LL

    This game has raised the bar high.
    Watchdogs will be launched on PS3 too haha!

    Also, i'm still undecided on Vita and i guess i dodged a bullet.
    Only time will tell.

    I'm not going to jump in right on launch this time courtesy of some bad memories with YLOD and RROD still hurt.

    but it looks cool and they are still focused on hardcore gamers that's a good thing. No casual-gaming bs and no DRM and fckin' restrictions to gain profit like M$.
    Yeah, TLOU looks good but i'm not going to drool over it.

    It's like just another shooter for me and gaming industry as a whole has took a leap so titles like these are 'next big thing'

    Remember the old PS2 times?

    and FIFA 13 is just so embarrassing when Pique has almost same rating as Ramos and T. Silva :mad:
    Well what you are playing nowadays?

    I've not found anything better since Bioshock: Infinite

    So i'm just messing around with this out dated Fifa 13 now.
    Haha! The arch-rival!

    Nice to know you bro and it's hard to find a south-asian here and of course cules are rare in indo-pak.

    Well, sent you a friend request. Keep in touch :)
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