Spanish Supercup semis: Barca - Real 2-3


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Stranger things have happened.

Don't expect much from Pedri, Ferran or Fati. They haven't played in months.


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Expectations should be tempered with just what Bojan points out, they are great talents that have not played much together and they don't yet have full fitness.

Neverhteless, I am more excited to see the dynamic between them on the pitch - I remember the connections they had with La Roja and it was exquisite


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As long as we don't get any injuries and don't lose by more than 2 goals I'm quite content.

Priority is to have everyone fit for the remainder of season. In a different time we go all in tomorrow, but it's too risky now.


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this whole competition is a meme ... designed to entertain rich oil magnates

spanish super cup played in saudi arabia? wtf lol

way to degrade what was already a tin pot trophy

waste of time
Still, fuck Real Madrid. Let's beat the fuckers.


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Ferran and Pedri arriving, Fati is back, Araujo passed fit, orange training kit resembling Wembley '92. It's hard not to be excited and inspired. 3-1 loss.


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I have a good feeling about this game. Even if we don?t win, it?s so good to look forward to watching our team again and be proud of the product on the field. Thank you Xavi!!

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