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Never thought I'd see this comment from Harry Kane.

“When I was young, and still now, I love Sergio Busquets' game. He is an incredible player because of how he plays, how he orients his body to play and I take his example to act sometimes in that position or similar. I know that he is now in Miami but I have appreciated him a lot and he has always been in the shadow of other teammates like Messi, Neymar, Xavi or Iniesta. He is one of the greatest midfielders in history."
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He's been poor since the day he got there. Inter Miami fans have largely ignored it because Messi and Alba have elevated the team big time, but those two got injured and Miami has gone back to being garbage.

Inter might as well go back to the Pre-Busi days and have someone with actual legs as the pivot when Alba and Messi aren't in the team.


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As a fan of Madrid i am very happy that he is leaving, you will feel how good he is (even in the last seasons), when he is gone. As a fan of football i am sad, because i was used to watch him for so many years. Incredible consistency, became the best in the world in his position in his first or second season and was top 5 until the end. Second greatest player for Barca imo, after Messi. Not saying he was better than Iniesta in his prime, but he was incredible all the time, performing from day 1 till the end.
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