Sergio Busquets


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Humanity should consider itself fortunate that Tempt is a basement dweller by choice :lol:

Even the strongest rabies vaccines ain't going to work on what this lad's got :lol:


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Elena is very pretty. Sex appeal is there.

Her jaw is strong but not too squared off so she still looks feminine enough. A chiseled jawline is always a positive as long as it's not way too much and you don't look like a fucking Neanderthal. :lol:

She'd look even hotter with lighter eyes.

Antonella is so mid bruh. Messi with his status could have done so much better. She looks like the typical South Asian gals I see in London. Seriously don't get the hype. Genuinely not attracted to her one bit.
Anto is mid??? I have to visit London more often :unsure:

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Busquets playing in a lower level league is going to be fun to watch. Will let his haters, who have forgotten what he was like in his prime, appreciate his unique skillset and ability.

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