Mikayil Faye


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He probably meant for A side.

Yeah, but seems the play for A would be Bernal again.

I've only saw these 90 for Faye (and the 7 minute cameo in pre-season, well, and the u17 WC game vs Spain where I wasn't focused on him) and I really like what I see.

Nice technically, excellent distribution and long range of pass. Seems though that he is comfortable under pressure, but also likes to invite it to open up his passing angles. Might have more trouble with that from DMC being a 360 position where things move quicker, though time is on his side. But he won't be developed there as Marquez has Bernal with Prim as backup.

This is him versus Logrono (yday game to be upped soon no doubt).

He is the chosen one and the investment from Marquez for DMC. Doesn't mean he will make it, and he is going to get overrated in no time, but seems the bet positioned and most talented option we have.

Faye will have much better opportunities to breakthrough as a left footed centre who can play either in a back three or also do the job as a defensive LB option.

Need to see how he performs when Barca B are under pressure, but fantastic debut.


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Girona (well, City) is following him.

The articles mention they have been scouting him for the past 5 games or so.

I can't help but wonder if they are actually tracking Mbacke.

Considering they could sign him if we don't act on the buy option and he is playing very well.

About Faye, Cubarsi is on the bench again and it is stated he is Xavi favourite because of his ball playing.


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Could be they are interested in both but I do think Mika is their priority.

I mean they have Daley Blind starting as LCB so they will probably look for a younger upgrade.

I wouldn't mind loaning Faye if we won't have a spot in the first team. Could get experience playing in CL too. And tbf Michel made Garcia look like a solid CB so no doubt Faye would develop under him too. No way we should consider selling him at this point though.

At the same time wouldn't be surprised if Girona would also want to keep Eric and Barca will probably take a relatively small fee for him. Potential swap including Eric and Romeu for someone like Arnau Martinez or Aleix Garcia (although I think we should look for a higher quality midfielder) could also be considered. Savio and Couto will surely also be interesting but we'll have to negotiate with City for them.

Wouldn't put too much importance on Cubarsi being benched rn. Bernal also didn't play much since his return from Indonesia. Shouldn't forget these kids are still 16 so maybe Rafa is just managing their minutes and gave them some sort of prolonged rest. We'll see what their status will be in January.


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I meant Xavi having Cubarsi on the bench (like tonight again) ahead of Faye.

There seems to be a feeling that City are using Girona put indirectly meddle with our prospects over this Faye story.

It is true though if Girona could give Faye minutes that it would be great for him.

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