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Few months?...Achilles injuries require a long recovery, minimum 6 months but likely longer
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There was already a Zanetti thread (I had moved it to the legends section a while back when no one was looking :p), so I merged them.

Anyway, it's estimated he'll be out for 6 months but he's very optimistic he'll be able to play again, hope that turns out to be true. It's one of his first major injuries & at his age it just shows his insane fitness levels, that will probably play a part in his recovery.

The Nerazzurri captain stated: "My goal is to come back stronger than before, and I believe. I had to change tyres after so many miles… I’m sorry for how the season has gone. Injuries can happen and they’re part of this profession. The most important thing is the team. We’ll decide when surgery will take place. They still haven’t given me the times involved, but my career certainly isn’t over. What matters is healing well. What I want most is to be back with my team-mates. I’m sorry I can’t give them a hand in the final part of the season, but I’m confident they’ll be able to qualify for the Europa League. I appreciate the messages from the fans, as well as those from president Moratti, my team-mates and the many others who have shown their support. The chants from the AC Milan fans? These things always happen, but what matters is that they’re outnumbered by those who support me. Will I restart with Stramaccioni? I don’t make those decisions. There are already people at work on making an even stronger Inter."

Taken from http://www.inter.it/en/news/42720


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That's the same injury Beckam had before the world cup in 2010, right?

He was injured in March and came back around December. Good luck Zanetti, he deserves a better ending to his career.


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Some signs for Zanetti by fans of other clubs. Respect.

Udinese fans:


"Football without Zanetti is like the sun without stars"

Napoli fans:


"Zanetti, you have entered in the history of our hearts"


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Would totally jam-in Terminator "I'll be back" with one of the many Zanetti cyborg images out there in a vid....

Anyhow i hope he comes back to good form for a couple more seasons, until now he does seem to be one of the most energetic on the nerrazurri side. Legend!

I would also put him in mind if i was sabella, Diego missed out on him in 2010! This guy does not just bring his skills to a team but brings true leadership and discipline, even if you wont field him, he is a treasure for all the other youngsters / spoilt brats.


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Mourinho is trying sign him for Chelsea as a player-coach for next season.

Actually, read a different article, says 1 year as a player then he'll be a coach from 2015. I don't see why not make him player-coach next season. This is all only if he doesn't agree anything with Inter, of course. That will always come first for the great man. 41 or not I'd fucking have him here, for me the best RB of all time.

Javier Zanetti, the Inter Milan captain, could be offered the chance to finish his playing career and move into coaching by Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

Sources in Italy claim Mourinho is willing to offer Zanetti, who turns 41 in August, a one-year playing contract for next season with the promise of a coaching position from 2015.

Zanetti’s contract expires at the end of the season and it is thought the versatile Argentine, who can play in defence or midfield, would prefer to stay in Italy. He is expected to meet the club’s president Erick Thohir about his future.

Mourinho is believed to be waiting in the wings if Zanetti cannot agree a new deal with Inter.

Speaking about the player nicknamed ’El Tractor’, the Portuguese said: “To me Zanetti represents the joy of living, the joy of making football your job every morning. He is the smile, the life force, the passion for training, the good cheer for everyone who works with him.”
Love Mourinho's description of him.
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Moratti had told him he'd have a position at Inter, don't know if that would change under Thohir. I don't want to think about him at another club, especially one I dislike.


Will make a good coach like Seedorf, both very intelligent. Zanetti has so much experience now just some mentoring and studying. Leadership is also in his blood.


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3 more games and this legend's career will be over.
Will immediately enter management of Inter.

He hasn't officially announced he's retiring yet. Thohir said that when he does, he will still have a place at Inter. Which points to it, but he still hasn't actually said "I'm retiring at the end of the season".

I hope he stays one more year, he isn't even going to get a proper sending off if he goes this season because Curva Nord will be closed for the last home match. :(


Great news for both him and Inter. He better does something that benefits both the club and himself and playing won't do that anymore.

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