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Robbed at gunpoint in Buenos Aires. Was driving his Toyota Hillux in Banfield when the robbers came at him to take it. Police found his car later in Avellaneda later but not the robbers.


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Javier Zanetti names his all time Greatest XI




Maldini----Roberto Ayala----Walter Samuel----Cafu

-------------------Angelo Peruzzi------------------------
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Interesting he only named one player from the legendary Inter team that won the treble. Normally players are extremely biased when naming a dream eleven, like when Pirlo named Inzaghi or Ibrahimovic chose Maxwell.


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I'm not a fan of these legends' all time 11s but still a huge fan of Javier. I think he is the most footballer looking footballer there has ever been. Whenever I think what the quintessential look of a football player is, Zanetti is the one that springs to mind.


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Adriano was a beast, but his decline was painful thing to watch. Loss of a parent at fragile age is hard, experienced it myself and it's not easy, not at all. Zanetti shouldn't blame himself, in such situations relatives are the best help you can get and I presume Adriano's family failed at this. He just went after food, drugs and alcohol.

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