Gerard Deulofeu


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Well from what I heard, he said he won't completely rule out a move to Madrid. Don't know how reliable that is though.


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Actually it was Sport who started all of those rumors 2 days ago and they claimed that along with Madrid,there are some english clubs interested,they also claimed that his agent Gines Carvajal is working on a transfer to Madrid bec and he has strong relations with Madrid,Gines is the agent of Raul as well and he was involved in a fight with some other agents including Pep's current agent then said he only wants to stay at...weird personality so a move cant be ruled out

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Being called the next Messi seems to be the kiss of death. Gai, the Dos Santos brothers, Bojan still has potential but is currently more the new Javier Portillo than the new Messi, and now Madrid is going to pay Deulofeu so they can pretend they produce their own talent.


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What a d-bag if he leaves... Clearly he acts like a d-bag just generally in his private life, and on his facebook, but to make a professional choice like this? Bah!
Is he really leaving though?


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Stating that Deulofeu would swap Barça for Madrid due to the fact that Carvajal has relations with Madrid is somewhat ridiculous.

Remember that he's also Muniesa's and Valdes' agent.

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