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bah, di maria is sooooo overrated... one good goal, and he is the best, yeah right...

anyway, there is HUGE difference between players like di maria and bale.. Bale is LM, di maria is winger, there is differece... As midfielder you havve to help the defence much more than as a winger, plus, your job is to cross mostly, while as classic winger to cross and score... Bale is unique imho, he can do everything, is best as LM, but can cover every postion on the left (LB, LWB, LM, LW)... Plus, pure wingers can play on both wings, today there is no RW or LW, there are wingers... Bale can play only on the left..


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tbh inters fault for falling asleep for the last 20 minutes. Cesar for fuck sakes should be shot same bloody corner everytime he was either dived the wrong way or just didnt move great goals none the less. Bale is going to be something huge if he isnt already, lol to think harry nearly loaned him to a championship side last year coz he didnt think he was good enough

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Hell he scored a hat-trick in the Giuseppe Meazza!
Anyways, If you actually watch him play and do the things he do in the EPL day in and day out you wouldn't even need that performance to convince you he is a world class left midfielder, not to mention he's only 21, so much potential, no reason not to be excited IMO

Comparisons to Messi or Ronaldo will be ridiculous, but I see no reasons why people shouldn't be excited with such a performance after all he's been doing every week...
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Those three goals were very good, very well taken, all three to the bottom corner with power and placement... I will keep an eye on this guy...


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well then we have to either play messi wide right again (a waste) or switch permanently to the 424 (also a waste) so... he doesn't fit.

be nice if he could play like that at LB, but he only brings it from LW.

4-2-4/4-4-2 is not a waste for sure,he can play there and can even play in 4-3-3 with Iniesta/Pedro-Messi-Bale attack,Messi can keep his central role if Bale takes over the left wing spot,he will do well here but yeah your other team wants him more than us for sure :p

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