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It has been a while since I watched Barca B, since in most cases I used to download it from youtube after the game and watch it later but that is no longer a possibility.

I watched his highlights, and he absolutely looked like a CM there.

I feel a bit worried about it because he is a project in that position and it seems we are rushing things with him. I am starting to think he might have been better if he stayed at Juvenil team to learn the craft, although as a footballer he is too good for that.

I won't be surprised if he ended up being back to CM, just like we did with Xavi himself and Wenger with Cesc (both were CDM in the academy)

He has this thing, probably due to his similar structure, where he passes the ball and kind of hops into space, where he looks like Busquets.

I wonder if this likeness bias is what pushes us to try him at defensive midfield.

He is a smart player though, and has more chances of learning the position than Nico (Id say his natural scope of quick passing and awareness is superior to Nico).

A few have said on the forum, and it doesn't seem we will go that direction now, but Cubarsi is probably the best candidate for DMC we have. By far the best understanding of positioning and reading of the game that I have seen. Excellent quick distribution. And naturally defensively orientated.

He would be more Rodri than Busquets, but that isn't a bad thing in modern football.


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Playing ok but struggle to create chances, Rafa waiting too long with subs too imo.

Guille on now.

That's been a question mark about Marquez for me. Much like Xavi to be honest, that the initial setup is great. Well, Marquez has the team playing in a nicer way but that's probably down to the level. I'm sure Xavi wouldn't be clinging to 1-0s at the B side.

But anyways, they played overall a very good game and we're by and large better than Deportivo. And given the exits last summer and the young age of this squad, Marquez has done a great job.

Though it has to be said that this group is probably the most talented set of players in the Spanish third divisions.

Don't see us winning the playoffs given the absentees. But let's see if Marquez can make something out of them. I don't think Pelayo-Olmedo will be that bad all things considered.


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Congrats to Depor on promotion, happy for them.

I saw that they are owned by the bank. Seems they got the shares after Lendoiro.

Seeing the stadium visual setup, seems they are leveraging for someone with a bit of money to buy their shares and build the team up. Hopefully they get someone backed and with a project aimed at reaching LaLiga like the other promoted side- Castellon.


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Didn't have his own thread so I'll put it here.

I liked Roman Vega last year but we didn't end up retaining him. He has cemented himself as starter for Argentinos Jrs this season. He might get another opportunity in Europe (or MLS) in the next window or two I reckon.


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It's a tough path. That Nastic result was a killer as the two teams to avoid were Ibiza and especially Cordoba who are the third best team of the category. Malaga ended the season well but are inferior to these two imo.

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