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Deco 20

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No idea, I believe it wasn't broadcasted. From the comment's I've read we did well in the first half (ended 0-0) but began to tire towards the end.

Hopefully the Bolton supporter will return to comment on the game :)


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It was a good game. Neither team deserved to win, a draw was a fair result. You played well though. Deulofeu (I think it was) was excellent.


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I absolutely love the look of this new Barca B team with Deulofeu, Dongou,Joan Roman and Araujo. And dont forget Rafinha too and the Portuguese kids. I know some cules don't like Eusebio that much, but i'll give him a chance to see what he does with this team. It has too much quality not to play well.


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Barca B starting XI vs Almeria: Oier, Balliu, SGómez, Lomban, Planas, Ilie, Espinosa, Rafinha, Lobato, Deulofeu, Dongou

Bench: Masip, Grimaldo, Patric, Agostinho, Gustavo, Araujo, Joan Angel Román


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2-0 Deulofeu!

Long ball over the defense, Deulofeu sprints, gets to it before the goalie and scores from a tight angle.

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