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His hands are very tied for the first team signings (I like that he prefers Fresneda over an expensive loan for Cancelo though) but I like what he did with Barca Atletic so far. Darvich and Faye both look like they could have a first team future here while likes of Diego Percan, Trilli and Gerard Martin could help Barca B getting promoted (this probably depends a lot on if/how much Yamal and Fermin will play for B team though) and be sold for a profit in a year or two. it's a shame that Chelsea kid got away from us but hopefully Deco can find another cheap gem or two.


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🚨🚨💣| Joan Laporta told Mateu Alemany on Monday that he should leave the club. Laporta told him that he 100% trusts Deco over him now. @sport


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Wanted to reply on this part here, so we don't drag other thread off the topic
But what is clear so far is that we are getting an idea of what Deco is like as an SD.

So far his names this window that we know about are
Fresneda (18), Moscardo (17), Arda Guler (18), Florentino Luis (24)

It is a bit of a freshman SD approach of looking for youth and potential, which has higher odds of not working out. His eye will and judgement will have to be sharper than the likes of Chelsea because we don't have the finances to miss as much.

Abidal was similar, favouring youth and his countrymen, and it ended up more bad than good. Deco will have to be careful not to fall into the same trap.

Totally agree.

Abidal and R.Fernandez was like that.

But to play the devil's advocate, a favourite hobby for me, I think we should consider the costs.

We paid 7.5M this summer in transfer fees on both Barca B and first team big transfers (ignoring the ones that costs some thousands like Trilli) as 2.5M went to Darvish, 1.5M for Faye and 3.5M for Romeu. We lowered wage bill massively, and most of added wages were for free transfers.

So Deco listened to his coach and added Romeu, completed the Inigo & Gundogan deals and brought Cancelo and Felix. All 3 signing are 32+ years and the loans are 23 & 29 of age.

In other words, when you have to be cheap then "youth, oldies & outcasts" are your only option.

So Deco was understandably preferring youth, though he still didn't ignore the manager.

His only big investment is Roque, who is best teenage player in South America atm.

So, is Deco going to do the same with good budget? And is he ever going to have that while he is here? Lol

This year will give us a hint on his eye for talent, as we will see how Arda, Fresneda and Roque will perform.


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He speaks so well.

Feels like he is the first modern thinker Barca have had on the football side of the board for years.

Brilliant appointment... now give him the freedom to make the changes needed and dont hamstring him as others feel are at times.

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