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I think the number 7 is Maxi Rolon. He joined us from the Masia in Argentina. I posted a video of him somewhere in this thread(page 4).
#7 and #2(Godswill) are best Barca players so far

from what I have seen so far this is really good football, is Quintilla number 4? because he is great
He is in Cadete B, not A. or maybe he was called up for this game

2:1! Tounkara! :)


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Youngcules La Masia
Cadet A central defender and Spain U16 international Pol Garcia will leave Barca for Juventus. #fcblive
4 minutes ago

What kind of idiot would go to an Italian side as a young player :lol:


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Who in their right mind would join Juventus after what they did to Giovinco? For those that don't remember him, he's a 5"4 midget attacking midfielder their academy produced that tons of clubs wanted in 2007-2008. He decided to stay and rode the bench for years, missed the world cup and is now at Palermo.


Parma, Robbie. :) And he scored a screamer against Juve this season.

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