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Brighton just signed 18 year old Paraguayan striker Julio Enciso for just under 12m pounds.

It almost isn't fair anymore. Brighton have established an incredible scouting model and sporting department.

They are the type of level of talents it would be great to develop in the B team once finances are stable in a season or two. We always looked at modest outside investments for midfield and the wings but never the striker.


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He's a left wing back from Sporting. He has good potential but is a tad injury prone.

He's swift, good at dribbling and does a lot of stepovers and skills. Got that explosive unpredictable nature to his game.

He's very active at pressing.

Got a decent ball and can cross decently well from what I have seen.

He's better defensively than Nuno Mendes and intercepts passes well.

He reminds me of Alex Sandro at times.

Decent player to take a punt on. Still a lot of work to do on his game though. Pretty raw. Can be an understudy for a couple of seasons.

When have you watched him dawg? He got 0 senior games.


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18 year old Williot Swedberg whom we were interested in has signed for Celta for 5m. Becomes Luis Campos' first signing for the club.

Interesting signing, will follow his development.

Barcelona are exploring the possibility of bringing Rafael Alc?ntara back to the club. [espn]

Pre-season king.

If we can't sign Raphinha, bring back the original Rafinha, why not? :boss:

When have you watched him dawg? He got 0 senior games.

He's like Zincu, doesn't need to watch games to know when Busi had a good game. :boss:

We're in for another Sporting kid - a winger named Sana Fernandes (16), City also wants him.


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Why would we be interested in a 22 year old fullback without a senior minute at Sporting?

Sporting are not a team to not play a prospect at an early age.

If it is another Akieme type player for the B team, then different story.

There's rumours of Balde going out (Chelsea) so it is more plausible his agent has offered to him for us as a B signing.

Even then, Alex Valle is more than good enough and would he starter.


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Damn Zidane82 got no shame laughing at rumours posted by others. Savage.

This is TrustPilots opinion on

Unapologetically biased towards Barcelona to the point of laughter, theyre also on the clubs payroll and are their mouthpiece whenever the club wants to create rumors or put pressure on a player. Their community is almost nonexistant. A bunch of propaganda..


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If you would actually read the article (something you don't do like you don't watch games, lol) you would find out actual source is O Jogo.

The audacity of the lad when he always quotes rags like The Sun, Daily Mail, The Express and so on :lol:


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By the way, he looks ridiculous on these vids:

Gets past players like it's nothing. Zero end product though :lol:

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Do it. If you scout him and he can be a new Pedri, sign him up.

Madrid's investment in Vinicius and Rodrygo is starting to pay off. Pedri is our best signing since ages. If you do your scouting well and you believe a player will turn out great, get him early. Best for business.

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