Ángel Di María


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apparently Man City offered 38 million euros for him, which Benfica accepted but Di Maria turned down the move because he wants to win the league with Benfica this season first...

maybe a summer transfer for him then?

Andres Iniesta

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Di Maria is great and his recently performances prove that he`s magic. Very fast, made 6 assists in the europe league so far, 2 on the last match, and scored very nice goals.


He has great confidence which is a great asset when developing. Man Utd are in the hunt for him and with his qualities he will have an immediate impact. I don't think he will be a flop like Tosic for example who was promising and talented but lacked the confidence to succeed with us. Price wont be too much imo but even if it inflated I think he will be worth it, he is hot property right now in Europe.


He plays for Benfica. Along with the rest of the "could of been greats".



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He plays for Benfica. Along with the rest of the "could of been greats".


He's still very young, he's finally settled in Europe and is becoming a constant feature in the Argentina XI. He's superb in European competition and the Portuguese league alike.
When he was first hyped up during the Olympics I really didn't see anything in him at all. But over a year has passed since then and he's made me change my opinion of him completely. Soon it will be time for him to move on to a bigger club, then he will no longer be a Benfica player, nor a "could have been"


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He's definately a great player, I've been following him for maybe a year and a half now. First of all he's barely 22 so I don't see how he's a "could have been" given he's had a great season and.....is only 22?

FYI- I don't remember exactly when, but within the last 4-5 months Benfica made a statement rating him very highly, the price tag along with it.


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Great first half from him. He also defends controls possession and amazingly seems like Argentine's pumping heart. I don't know who to compare him to, but damn this guy will definitely do some great stuff in leagues like Serie A or La Liga.


Impressive. Fast, skillful, good positioning, and his scoring ability isn't bad -at least . and he is only 22 !
However , I'm not sure if we have a place for him ! Pedro is there, and if Cesc is coming , then Iniesta and Pedro are there.

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