Ángel Di María



It's really interesting that he isn't talked about here. After all, the big clubs are really stalking him now because of his epic performances.


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In the lead-up to the Olympics he was GROSSLY overrated and a bit afterwards too, but then he didn't really do so spectacularly, and the voices died down a bit. Since then, he has been steadily working away, and now that people to large extents have stopped jizzing all over him, I've been able to appreciate him more. He is extremely solid on the ball, not saying that he's unmovable and huge at all, but he's just so good at keeping the ball and moving with his lightning pace. When he makes his runs from the wings he's very effective. He's not world class but he has potential.


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Supposedly he rejected City, who offered 38m pounds to trigger his release clause, to stay with Benfica until the end of the season(obviously with the WC in mind). Personally I think the smartest choice for him could be Man Utd. Valencia on the right and Di Maria on the left would be pretty damn good. That said, I hope he goes somewhere in Spain or something. :D


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I think he's a type of player that could play in any league. That said, Valencia isn't that great. I'd be more excited, if I was a Man U fan, with Di Maria starting period, minus Valencia.


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I never said Valencia is a fantastic player, but he's a solid player and does his job fine.

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