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While Barcelona can sign a replacement for Gavi within their salary limit, the player must earn a maximum of 80% of Gavi's salary until the season ends. However, this rule doesn't apply to Vitor Roque, as his contract spans multiple years.
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In a way.
Both are victims of how Ancelotti chooses to use them really.
Rodrygo gets far less appreciation for the dirty work he does, the very good technique, the awareness of space, the resilience with which he conducts himself through dry spells to net important goals in CL or elsewhere.
Fans are simple as well - tangible stats of Vini's who plays as direct as they come and Rodrygo's role will never weigh up similarly in supporters' eyes. They see one as the player that makes things happen and expect the other to find a space in the box and finish a pass every 90-180 mins of play. And they're not entirely wrong.

Bottom line is they're both 22 and need support.
Old introverted fart Benzema with one good season, in which he was going around talking about them behind their backs in French to Mendy in the tunnel when they're having a bad game, and barely reacts to stuff they get from the stands was never going to be a good consistent and exemplary source of support.
Modric and Kroos are never going to be that either provided they cant relate to the problems they face on the field.
They need an experienced player who's done stuff and will believably tell them to pack it in when need to and pick them up when need to.
Been dying for a person like Cavani to come in and sort this out for years and years.

Compared to donkey, Madrid fans should be happy with Rodrygo.

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Putting chihua on the jerseys yesterday was pathetic, like he's in stage four cancer smfh.

This club is on some broke woke shit and won't change till gimpball and low IQ are excised.


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Gavi had a successful operation on his torn right knee anterior cruciate ligament plus a meniscus suture today. @FCBarcelona

Now our social media better leave him alone while he recovers. Been a lot of cringe stuff lately.

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