6 - Gavi


You guys are way too harsh on Gavi. He's only 18, conversely thats why I refuse to go on hyperboles and be super hyped when he has a good game too. Inconsistency is natural part of a young players game.


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He is decent for his age, but also I don't see any special talent. Overall good, crazy agression and stamina, great agility, he excels more on defense then on attack.
His passing is shit, his positioning is shit, shooting is shit, chance creation also...

If someone is crazy to offer 90mil I would take it in seconds.

Next season with Messi in team he is 100% bench option.

I would start Ferret today.


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Pedri and Gavi MAY be our future but they shouldn't be our present. I'd like to see some experience in the midfield. Gundo and maybe Amrabat in? Not ideal but beggars can't be choosers.
Both Pedri and Gavi are looking like overhyped kids presently.


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If he is injured, it's completely on Xavi, who overplayed him into the ground, despite FDJ and Pedri returning.

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