23 - Jules Kounde


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took me a while to get used to his height, but it seems like he does just fine at set pieces. Overall brilliant defender, unfortunately just stupid expensive.


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If it's any consolation, it took Bordeaux a while to get used to his height too. When he was 16 he was played as a RB because everybody thought he was too short to suceed as a CB. It took a bunch of injuries from the first team's starting CB's to give him a spot in this position, but as soon as he played there he became a no-brainer. Goes to show how a player's career can be decided on luck sometimes. I mean, he's also pretty good as a RB (and he still plays there sometimes for Sevilla), but he really shines as a CB.

And yeah, crazy expensive. Bought for 20 millions 18 months ago, he was one of Sevilla's most expensive signing and one of Bordeaux's most expensive sale too, after Malcom and Gourcuff. So it's pretty obvious he's not gonna go for cheap unfortunately. Apparently Man Utd would be willing to pay 60-70 millions to get him this summer. I'd rather see him stay in spain though but at this price, I guess only english teams will be able to afford him.


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good player but easy when you can just sit with the whole team in front with very little spaces between.


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good player but easy when you can just sit with the whole team in front with very little spaces between.

Agree it is a world of difference being a good penalty box defender to one that is on half way line most of game but he does seem to have what is needed to play like that also.

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Yeah, nonsense about the sitting deep. Seville are the 2nd highest pressing team in the league after Celta and have the best defensive record. If anything, as Jamie says, shows versatility if he can play both well

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Ridiculous technical ability, the guy could easily play as an attacking RB. Liked him from the first days at Sevilla. He will go either to Madrid or the EPL for 70m+, unfortunately. Hope Sevilla holds on to him as long as possible.


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I like this guy way more than Upamecano. Unfortunately there is no way we can get him. The only problem is his height. At 1.78 he needs to be paired with a really strong and tall CB.
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From the infos I have, it should be a fight between RM and Liverpool for him. Pep also loves him and he called him directly a few months ago, but City's defense seems to be set for now.

Klopp is a huge fan and they want to get him, but Kounde would rather stay in Spain and he'd really love joining Madrid, even Lopetegui is predicting him a great future there. Barca is interested, and of course he would love it too, but it seems completely impossible financially at that point.

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