23 - Jules Kounde

Andrew M

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Been watching him throughout these EL knockouts and he was great. But he cost Sevilla 25 million which is a huge investment for them for a CB.

Andrew M

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Just checked his release clause and apparently it's about 75 million so no bargain from Sevilla this time


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City and Pep are pathetic when it comes to CBs. They spent more on CBs than other teams on forwards and they are still shit at the back. Absolutely pathetic.


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He is always great, and City may regret not raising their bid.

But I think an Araujo type is what we need more. A big pacy centreback first, creator from the back second.


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Absolutely incredible player. Would be surprised if Monchi would sell him for anything less than 75-80m next year unless his level will suddenly drop significantly or he'll suffer a longterm injury (hope not).


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Goals against Sevilla:
Without Kounde: 1.3 goal
With Kounde: 0.9 goal

So glad to see how good he's becoming. He'd probably already be playing for France NT (he's playing with the youth team rn) if not for the impressive number of good and established French DC. Still pretty sure he'll steal Lenglet's spot soon enough (in France NT, and hopefully in Barca too who knows...).

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