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Jules Koundé


Born 12th of November 1998 (20yo)
Nationality: French
Current team: Sevilla FC
Height: 6ft
Right footed

Thought I'd start a thread on this guy, since he joined Sevilla this summer for quite a good chunk of money (around 25 millions, making him the most expensive or second most expensive player ever bought by the club). He started playing for Bordeaux in January 2018, when the team was in complete shamble, fighting not to get relegated to Ligue 2. At barely 19, he almost instantly became a starter, and Bordeaux ended up qualifying for Europa League at the end of the season. He's been a started throughout the whole next season.
Very smart player, not the tallest (though he jumps very high) nor the strongest, but fast, incredibly strong mentally, very clever, and quite good on the ball. Very composed, though sometimes a bit too confident.

Here's what I wrote about him a few months ago (in february), while he was still playing for Bordeaux:

I'm obviously biased about Kounde since he plays for Bordeaux, but he became a starter a year ago at 19 and is now the most used player in the team. He's a bit small for a CB but he's very rarely beaten in the air, and he never panicks with the ball. Smart player with good technical skills. Seville tried to buy him for 10 millions last summer. I reckon he's already worth more than 15 now. I can see him pulling a Lenglet, going to Seville and ending up in a top team in a couple years.

And here's what I said when he signed for Sevilla:

My opinion hasn't change one bit. His first season was impressive, considering his age, and the fact that Bordeaux had to fight to stay in Ligue 1 when he became a starter. He helped the team tremendously, bringing us to ECL qualification with his performances. His second season has been a bit rockier, which is perfectly normal imo. Especially since he played for one of the poorest Bordeaux side I've ever seen (the club has been bought last summer but it took several months, which lead to a very difficult transfer window). He made a few mistakes, because he's the type of defender who favors possession and hardly ever kick the ball without looking, but he's learning. And his playstyle suits La Liga perfectly. Apparently Monchi wanted him badly. Really hope he adapts well, cause on top of it he's a very good lad, a quiet leader, and a smart guy.

He played his first couple of games since then (giving a wonderful pass on his team's late victory goal against Liverpool), and the fans apparently love him (went to read a fan forum, which is obviously biased, but the few doubts they had about his price are already gone).

From what I've read, he'll be a starter for Sevilla (which would make sense anyway considering his pricetag). Can't wait to see how he evolves.
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Looks quality every time I see him. Great in the air despite being only 178cm tall. Maybe yet another one to transfer to us from Sevilla in near future?


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It's actually 90m.

Good to see more people starting to recognise how good he is. No wonder Zidane wants him. I really hope he won't end up there in future. It will be a big enough blow to see them getting someone like Camavinga and they'll probably also be all over Haaland and/or Mbappe and I'd say they have better chances getting them in a year or two than us.

I'd take Kounde over Garcia for sure but we absolutely can't afford him this summer and I don't believe Sevilla has any intention selling unless some team pays his release clause. If they'll sell anyone it will be Diego Carlos.


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Bordeaux will get 20% of Kounde's next sale. So, yeah, don't expect Sevilla to sell him for cheap since they won't get the whole price to themselves...

Impressive tonight, as he's been for the past couple months basically. Glad he's getting there. He's a smart person and an overall great dude. He deserves it.


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It was Diego Carlos, not Kounde.

Easy to confuse. Similar haircuts.

Sevilla have a great eye for scouting Ligue 1. I doubt many would have rated Lenglet, Diego Carlos, Kounde (outside of Bulgroz ofc) as the creme of the league at time of purchase.


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Kounde got the crazy game and he play smooth like butter,
Not no Parkay, not no margarine,
Strickly butter, strictly butter.

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