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We should definitely keep him, but get rid of Inigo Martinez who's either injured most of the season or underwhelming when he plays.


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Feel he is overrated, we did also well without him.
No, just no - he is not at all overrated. We got him for free and he is 10 times the player Martinez ever could be for us. He can play both CB and DM and we would probably be through against PSG if he played. He's actually one of the few players I would keep from this sorry ass team we have right now given our finances and so on...


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He has been solid to good in midfield overall. And I think that our peak of this season has involved Christensen in DMC.

Which I think puts to bed two points.

The first that the old man version of Busquets was absolutely indispensible to our system.

The second that we need this mythical Busquets clone as the only type of signing for defensive midfield.

Christensen has bought us a bit of time basically, time that should have been used when Busquets was still here really. But anyways, moving forward, and now without Xavi, hopefully we can be a little less idealists and get a simple yet functional defensive midfield solution.


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Him being injury prone was known at Chelsea too. Are people really surprised? With Christensen it's usually nothing major, but always small injuries here and there.

At least he's not Inigo who's useless and injury prone.


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Not suprised about injuries. I like him and wouldn't be desperate to offload him but if we get an offer of 30-40m (probably unlikely) we should seriously consider cashing on him before injury issues become even more problematic and/or he leaves on a free in 2026.

I've just checked and he already started one more league game (23) this season than last year. Bit surprised about this tbf. Problem is he can't finish games. Only played full 90 minutes in 7 games and since he's been used as a DM only played a full game against Mallorca.

BTW, I think Inigo did well when fit.


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Reportedly got married few days ago. Congrats.



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Toni Kroos who?

[Sofascore] QUICK STAT | Since the start of EURO 1980 until today, no player has recorded a 100% passing accuracy while attempting more than 76 passes in a single EURO match. Today, Andreas Christensen took the record to the next level: 100% with 89 passes.


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Good player.

Would not be suprised if we sell him this year.

Too bad it will be for 1/4 price what we would pay for him.

I except PL clubs like Newcastle to low ball us for him.

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