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Nah. You were clearly wrong about your current username and hence desperately begging to get it changed like a lil schoolgirl.

More L's than the word "illegally".

I was definitely right about my username.
That's how I became the face of the forum.

But now I would rather keep a low profile.

Settle down young Padawan,
And learn from the great one.


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Yamal is already better at 16 years old. That says all, even though Yamal is a generational talent.

We need someone better than Rapinha. He has decent value in PL, we will not lose cash if we sell him to PL.

I would get Kubo or Xavi Simmons rather than this fraud.


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Yamal is an insane 16-17 year old, but the question is... will he progress continously? It is better to start not so bright and continue and continue to grow and take it step by step by step, and maybe turn into a great player at 25 then to be a bright talent at 17-18 and by 26-27 end up like Bojan Krkic.

Yamal, like Gavi, like Pedri, like Blade to some extent, these are or were top young talents at their age. But they are not top class players. You can't seriously compare them to likes of De Bruyne, or Rodri, or Bernardo, or Salah, or those types. There are levels separating them.


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Haha you still trying to downplay Lamal on Raphinha thread.. top stuff.

Bojan is no more relevant than Messi, Mbappe, Bellingham etc at 16/17.

Bojan when he first broke through was not even close to Lamals level now.

A load of word soup on Raphinha thread to try and down play Lamine and other named players.. usual.
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You're welcome
Had to play cb last 10 min so anyone else could go up pitch. Everybody knows how bad his controbution in attack is by now.


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Rafa is not my favourite player. Not even close. but what the hell was his position exactly? was he a fullback? Xavi lives in a different dimension than the rest of us.

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