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  • It's okay I understand that you also think we'll win :D real will quiet alot of people if you manage to win though..
    Beast what I miss in your preview is a prediction of the game. It's always nice to see a "smart" Madrista's prediction of the game. Maybe you should add that to your preview :)
    I didn't know you were a psychologist too. Everybody thinks they're Freud nowdays. :rolleyes:
    And since you're so kind to ask, my personal life's barely ever been better specially the last week.

    u can't see what you are doing no one was even bothered to defend u Snyde
    That's exactly what I was testing out.

    I don't think you've even understood yet, maybe you didn't notice a change in past few weeks. Almost all my actions were preconcieved some worked to their effect and some didn't. I suppose you atleast understood that I was provoking to be banned and later to have my ip banned? If you didn't then I clearly over assumed your intelligence.

    You all think it's a reaction. Amuses me to no end.
    U really have current personal issues man .. and your taking it out on the forum mate.
    I hope all that is bothering you end soon , we may have had our disagreement but you remain a quality poster when you want too and i wish you all the best . they were right in their actions cause you were out of line couple of times IMHO
    Oh and I was clearly trying to hide, that's why the nick is rearranged as SnydeAO :lol:
    let alone the obvious reference to Adonis/Rebirth...

    Just to prove a point that moderating posts is hardly an effective measure. If Maz wasn't such a moron he'd have realized that I circumvented it as 'Chaos' itself. Much before he chose to point out how it was working :rofl1:
    Good to know Heath , we were worried about u mate...
    well the problem is everything is happening in Madrid.. i'm hating it already.. everyone is focusing on us and gathering hate groups faster then a falling rockets :(
    all is well my friend, took a bit of family time, had a pc problem, got a life for a little bit etc etc etc.
    it's only been about a month too and i feel like it's been about a year.
    anyway, anything happened at Madrid yet??? :)
    wat happend 2 the other site
    why u guys leave
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