Xavi Hernandez


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He could easily be fired this season. We are playing absolutely unwatchable football. However, the problem is that I can't see who will replace him.


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The best periods under Xavi all coincided with the best periods of Dembele... some here were happy to see him leave...

Truth was they were made for each other and this system necessitated him. The play has been downhill and downhill since Dembele got injured last season.

Question is why replacement wasn't looked for with similar qualities instead of paying for Felix who is another inside forward.


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Don't think there is much. He's a guy who took his family to Qatar. And took the extra cash/loyalty? fee when he left.
He's a guy who blames others. See his interviews.

Lets see.

I agree he looks for excuses but still takes it very hard when dont win regardless.

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