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We lack a certain deciciveness before getting that first goal. A lot of perfunctory passing and half hearted runs. Just going through the motions without any real intent.

When we crack through and get that confidence boost, suddenly things start to happen naturally.


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Individual talent bailed us out today. Tactics were dog shit. One can seriously not watch this and believe that Xavi is a tier 2 coach. More like tier 4 (managing a star studded team). Benitez must be fuming. 🤣


I agree with those saying he was tactically outmatched by Benitez for most of the game. We were a shapeless mess towards the end, the subs were desperate and all over the place... And it was against Celta not a freakin CL knockout game.

I like the guy, he was a legend as a player, now as a manager I want him to be the next coming of Pep as much as everyone. Last couple of games pre-Celta were promising but this is back to the usual business, wrong line up, wrong tactics, anti-creative "Xaviball" right until these desperate subs. We had more luck than brains and managerial insight today. Some individual brilliance from players, namely MATS, Lewa, two Joaos, Gavi won us the game, meanwhile at the back thanks to this set up we were more vulnerable than a 4 yo kid walking through a city after dark :/ Sorry to say, most of the time Xavi looks completely clueless. I still hope he will turn into a great manager one day, but I'm not holding my breath.

And yeah, I'm worried about our European campaign too, lol


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It's been some of the weakest opponents we're gonna face this season at home.
After 2 of them Xavi claims we played best football under his reign. Third comes and outplays us but we scrape a win largely thanx to ter Stegen.

Players are to blame too. Torres shows nothing for a year, plays well in few matches and media and official site sucks his dick. Same as for Felix who showed nothing in years. Plays well against Antwerp and Betis who are in worst form in ages.

Both are obviously weak in the head and press aren't helping either.

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