Xavi Hernández


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Koeman lost the dressing room after the board deeming him to leave.

Who can forget the hostile media shitstorm he had.

Xavi has the full support of all stakeholders right now. Even if results were the same (they're not) he would still be doing a better job.

Purely for being in the right place ar the right time.

Of course Xavi is better than Koeman, and of course he would be one and a half years ago too, or half a year ago. It would've been better if he arrived then rather than when he did, but as it stands, he isn't impressing me that much - I expected more, earlier. Let us see what happens from here.


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He is going to die on his sword unless he gives up on the old legs and these tactics.

Got what deserved when start with 4 of 5 defensive players that were over run by Bayern 9 years ago.

El Guaje

As long as this cunt keeps relying on Busquets, Alba, Pique and keeps playing oldschool tiki taka super duper uber mega ultra hyper side ways slowmo football im happy to see everything go to shit.

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