World Cup 2018


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I didn't know it was a joke either. :( Sorry, guys.

Anyways, long story short: short technical Japanese players got dominated by a proper workhorse once he came on. Thank you.

The pressure is on workhorse Paulinho now, how will he respond? Only time will tell.

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Paulinho has to be the real goat of this generation scoring hat trick against the uruguay defense in qualifiers . Hats off


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Japan was very naive pushing up so late in the game especially after blowing a 2 goal lead.
Should have hang back or play for the clock when they had the corner.
Brazil Belgium should be a cracker though.

Unfortunately it seems bound to happen. This Brazil side reminds me of Corinthians that won Libertadores 2012 (it was also a team coached by Tite). Both have great defense and are clutch when it matters.

I am brazilian but I dont like this seleçao that much. Tite is a nice guy, but this team has too many dislikable players. I would not mind if Belgium takes us out, but I dont see it happening.

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Japan have only themselves to blame for being eliminated from World Cup

They committed too many players forwards from a corner and Honda should have made a short corner and wait out for ET.

No way they're gonna win a header against all those big Belgians.

Kamikaze stuff from Japan


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Japan was a joy to watch at times. Nice direct one touch football.

But they were not disciplined enought tactically. They allowed way too much in the last thirty minutes and that corner leading to the deadly counter was downright stupid.

But Belgium must seriously step up their game if they want to have a chance against Brazil.


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I think the result was good for Belgium.

It's good that they got a wake-up call before the Brazil match. Hopefully they will play with more intensity and focus next match.


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"Do you remember that one game where the red shirt guys played the yellow shirt guys and, like, the ball went over the goal and hit the microphone?"
"Yeah, yeah and then we took those sharp pointy things and heated them up, then stuck them in our eyes?"
"Yeah, yeah, that was really fun. Good times, good times."
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