World Cup 2018

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Friday, December 1, 2017, 16:00 CET​





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Gonna be stronger WC than the previous. With exception of Argentina all big teams look stronger.


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Gonna be stronger WC than the previous. With exception of Argentina all big teams look stronger.

Yes. But in the end, it will come to usual teams. Can't see England to win it, Uruguay also... so it all comes down to Germany, France, Spain, and Brazil. All other "dark horses" will be just that. Even Croatia looks so strong on paper but in the end...


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Who do I want for Espana?

~Germany - Spain's slick passing will send them on a merry go round. Germany bites harder than anyone on the counter-attack in 2018. I know the talent of Spain, I need to see the desire. I need to see passion on defence from Spain.

~Nigeria - Spain have just woken from their lose to Germany and now face an excited Nigeria. The quick counter-attacking Nigeria side must be met with full passion from the Spanish defenders. Why would I want Nigeria? If Spain are to make it the round of 16 then I would like them to have been forced to show some desire. I have hyped Spain up too hard in the past. They can't just pass the ball to death without showing passion in the intense moments. Australia is a useless opponent. Nigeria are the only serious option from pot 4.

~ Iran- Spains 3rd and final match comes from pot 3. I would have prefered Serbia however only two european teams can be in each group. People forget that Iran a 5th in the Futsal World rankings and have been in the top 10 for a long time. Passing and quick thinking come naturally. If Spain go into this final match without being clinical when it counts (as was the case vs Chile 2014) during their visits to Iran's red zone then a draw may send them home. Why would I want Iran then? If Spain have the desire then their natural flowing slick passing will carry them home.

I want the toughest group for Spain. If they want to call themselves 'the Red Fury' then they need to send fear to the world during the group stage.

I'm not foolish for calling Spain the slickest passing machine at the World Cup, They are absolutely stacked with talent.

I do look like a fool however if Spain don't want to be there, and I'm sorry Spain but Twitter doesn't count for showing passion

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