World Cup 2018

El Gato

You can't be called a true workhorse unless workhorsing is your main activity.

Did you not see Paulinho playing non stop for a year without any breaks? That's pure workhorsing right there. Cavani is laughable in comparison. For example, a true workhorse wouldn't care about who takes PKs.

Lass Diarra category then.


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Feel really bad for the Japan team, played their heart out and the single tactical mistake cost them the match ! Seems they can't get out of the alternative group stage / Round 16 curse since '98.


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Japan are such a respectable nation.

Play beautiful, direct, hard-working football and all their players show great sportsmanship and class on the pitch.

Football is cruel but standing applause to Japan. Their class is an example for everyone to follow.

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