The Dutch Eredivisie

M.L. King

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Discuss the Dutch league. Some of the best players of all times have played in this league. Still a great nest of future prospects.


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Our Pranjic rocks there. He has like 10 goals so far. Time to show some of that form for Croatian national team


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He was good on Euro, but very poor against England :(
He is better in Heerenveen probably because he plays lot more offensive than in national team :?:


Best players? Well, Ibrahim Afelley. :cool: A very good young midfielder his attributes include: great pace, good technical ability, great at goal. He has 13 goals from midfield thus far this season. Oh and by the way he scored the second goal against Ajax today.


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they move a lot between the top sides

%&*$%&%& can't believe i missed the Ajax-PSV game.. i'm only watching 45 minutes from Boca -River so i can switch in 10 minutes to Bordeaux -Lyon.. hate the schedule today


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Guys! suarez missing a panneka penalty! like about that getafe panneka! hahahaha! 0-1 az btw.

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