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    Не знаех че си БГ адвам те към френдс ;)
    Thanks and congratulations on the league to you too.. Just heard abt Villa, as a Valencia fan i'm sad but also glad that he will finally win the trophies he deserves.. I just hope Pep doesn't play him out on the left..
    Wow, never expected you to be so up to date with chess but I guess him beating Bulgaria's Topalov might have something to do with it :)..
    Haha this works just fine for me.. no worries..

    I'm good, how you doing.. All the best for la liga.. Any plans to visit India?
    Guardiiiii happy birthday you photoshop weirdo. I would give you a photoshopped picture of you with Adriana Lima, but Windows Vista Fascista won't let me install a pirated version of Photoshop :(
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