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Globe trotting Temp who's in NYC one day, in London the other day, and somewhere premier in Europe yet another day...has met Lewandowski, CR7, R9 and a few celebs...still finds enough time in his day to conjure up 8,000 posts in a year on a Barca forum while not being a Barca fan.

Some you just need to be at the right time at the right place, i will never forget how i saw Mario Goetze eating a hamburger in Dusseldorf :LOL:


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I don't like getting involved with forum feuds, but I can honestly see why Temptation is getting so much hate. While you don't have to be a sheep and follow the general trend, he only seems to spur divisive and unpopular opinions that in the end are only meant to cause controversy. And if that's not enough, I noticed that sometimes he goes on calling everyone incels with some sort of superiority:lol:

Dont know how many of his takes are serious and how much is just trolling, but the moment he called R9 a bum indirectly, that's when I knew I should take everything with a grain of salt.


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He's a teenager, who never had any life outside of internet. This much is obvious. He's kept in here for comedy relief, otherwise we would just sit here and be all doom and gloom serious old guys lamenting the downfall of our beloved club in cigarette smoke filled room. When Barca starts kicking again, he will be gone, no ban needed.

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