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Ronaldo (O Fenômeno)

A thread for the real Ronaldo.

Made his comeback last night with a goal, after being brought on the 63rd minute. After hitting the crossbar 15 minutes after coming on, he rescued Corinthians a 1-1 draw with Palmeiras with a fine header from a corner kick which came three minutes into second half injury-time.

One of my all-time favorite players, even though he played for Real for 5 years. So good to see him back, and of course, scoring. He is one of the best footballers I've ever seen play. The perfect striker, and player. Sad he's probably going to retire soon. Well, good luck in Corinthians Ronaldo.


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And here is the goal:

He still looks a little fat, he he.
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haha Those Brazilians are crazy! Just look at him celebrating.

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Completely crazy.. Oh well, if he had come to my club (if I lived in Brazil) and he scored after 1 year off, and together with the status he has in world football, I would go nuts as well.

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IMO, they don't come as good anymore. When Ronaldo was playing for Barca and Inter, he was the best striker ever! I mean, how many goals did he score in one season for us? I think it was 63 goals in 62 games (including friendlies, UEFA and Liga)!!! Nobody was disccussing "adapting" to our system or La Liga - he just run (didn't even dribble somtimes?!) through 4-5 defenders and scored. Like stealing candy from a kidd!


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They didn't really come that good before either. He's one of the best strikers ever to have played the game - if not the best. Wonderful player. Too bad he was injured so much.


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The player he was in Barca is like a total different player to who he was in Real Madrid...
Much much better in Barca!


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He he, true.

What has he now, 3 goals in 4 games, or something like that? Hope he doesn't get injured again. Would be nice to see him at the World Cup in Africa.

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To be honest I don't believe he stands any chance to win back his place in the Brazilian squad. Plus, I'm sure they have plenty of players that are much better at the moment.

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