Ronald Koeman



- Seasons at the club: 1989-95
- Games played: 345
- Goals scored: 102
- Trophies:
1 European Cup (1991/92)
1 European Super Cup (1992)
4 Leagues (1990/91, 91/92, 92/93, 93/94)
1 Copa del Rey (1989/90)
2 Spanish Super Cups (1991 and 1992)
2 Copa Catalunya (1990/91 and 92/93)

'Tintin' Koeman will always get a mention in FC Barcelona history for scoring the goal that handed Barça victory in the 1992 European Cup at Wembley.

The Dutch defender (Zaandam, 1963) was one of the central figures in the Dream Team, being a masterful player just in front of the defence and being the provider of amazing pinpoint passes that generated so many dangerous opportunities.

koeman_movHe will also always be remembered for being one of the most reliable penalty takers the sport has ever known, for his free-kick abilities, and for the record breaking power he could put behind the ball. He scored 102 goals in his six years at Barça, an incredible tally for a defensive player. Off the pitch, he was popular for his pleasant, down to earth nature, and he became one of the undisputed club idols of the era. He was part of the club’s coaching staff from July 1998 to December 1999.


i cant forget 1992 wembley...what a great goal ?

i started supporting FC Barcelona when we won the cup



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Thank you very much for posting this! A legendary player and one of the most important and at the same time spectacular goals in Barca history

M.L. King

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His goal against Sampdoria is one of the landmarks in modern Barca history. A true warrior he was.


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The best defender at fc Barcelona I have ever seen! Physically strong, a true leader and his shot was like a bullet killer. I know at the end of his Barca career he was a bit slow and many people blamed him for some defeats, but for me he was fantastic and one of most important members of Dream Team I


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He is once a 2 weeks in a dutch football talk show. He will never coaching madrid he say :flagvl8: almost every camp nou game is he there :lol: He like barca alot.

I think we can better take out of the english flag on the badge and put a holland flag there. :party00231: :unsure:


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I don`t know if that`s good. Koeman was very bad with Valencia. I wish him all the best though


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Thats true, but he win the cup. In Holland he he's win the league with Psv and Ajax.

And i wish him all the best too. :beer2:


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he did more harm to Valencia then any manager in the last few years..

sad to see none of the great 80's dutch clan turn to be good managers even though Rijkaard record is still impressive on paper

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