Rafael Leao


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So he renews and two days later Maldini who played a big part in the renewal gets fired. Now apparently a lot of Milan's star players are feeling betrayed, Leao among them. Could hand in a transfer request.


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Nothing will happen, they'll get over it.

He won't go anywhere this summer unless someone pays 170m or whatever his clause is.

But just another point that you don't sign contracts just because you like a coach and/or a SD. People will come and go.

Don Juan Laporta Estruch

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This guy is entertaining to watch and has his moments, but he ain't no killer. He plays with the mentality of Ronaldinho when he left Barca. Some day someone will pay over 100m for him and will end up regretting it massively.


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That's what he gets for changing agent from Mendes to his father's lawyer or something like that.

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