Rafael Leao


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Imo, he is not stupid

But he is somewhat lazy or not 100% devoted to football.

I like his skills but he does have some sort of "I am too cool for this" vibe.

Just like you said:
If they are winning, he laughs
If they are losing, he laughs.

His attitude might be his enemy in the future

Yeah, gives the same feeling to me.


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Nah, record for sale in Calcio is 113M (Lukaku) and only Pogba is the other one over 100M. Higuin, Vlahovic and Zidane are the other top 5.
Add the fact that Leao will have 1 year left in contract in summer, I doubt he will cost more than Vlahovic

He'll renew with Milan before the summer almost certainly.


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Rafael Le?o on PL rumors: “Maybe the Serie A is too easy! No, but seriously, I don’t like their weather. I only went there [London] for shopping. I like Milan. The duomo, the malls, the clubs and food are superior.”

He's out of contract in 2024. City of Barcelona is superior to Milan, sign him up.


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Just saw his two goals against Napoli from a few weeks ago.? not bad.

If he doesn?t renew he would be one hell of a free transfer.


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Last summer was chance to get him when could spend.

Now have likes of Lewa on the books that could be paying for a 100m player on 10m a season.

Top stuff.

At least still have players like MATS, Balde, Araujo, FDJ, Pedri, Gavi, Dembele etc that were all there before club started to spend.

Should thank lucky stars have those lot as a base to team even if Gavi etc still long way to go to be player expected.

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