Pep Guardiola

El Gato

Yip Barcaman got this one

Pretty much but worth stressing it shouldn't matter a sheikh does it, same stuff as when Roman came in
What should matter is the magnitude of investment that makes it utterly useless as an achievement on sports terms given there's maybe 1-2 other teams that enjoy an analogous privilege and that they also probably broke laws getting there

If you have unregulated obscene amounts of cash at your disposal, it should come as bare minimum.
In City case we've even got the opposite weird optics as it's treated as a Pep success they finally managed it after 15 years of sus spending and half that time under Pep

El Gato

I was referring to unsackables post where he expressed glee for City not having Croatian players lol.
You posted something? lol

While at it - I'm yet to understand the 'Croatian players' thing.
Who cares?
Streak of squads with Brazillians in winning CL was going on since 2006 no?


President of FC Barcelona
Reports in England that his intention is to leave City once his contract ends in 2025.

Need him to return to Barca. Desperately.

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