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Shush! Nobody cares whether you believe in their support or not, you wannabe Football Fandom Cop. :lol:

Great Zidane avatar btw. True Barca DNA that. :lol:

Now shut your trap and look at how beautiful this is.

Beautiful, but not unique in any way shape of form.

Look, I like Liverpool, but the sycophantic nonsense about the passion of their fans is just deluded beyond belief.

You get something like this every week at Bilbao, Sevilla, Betis, could literally go on for pages if I went to other leagues. And that will be for some La Liga game against some La Liga shitter, not the UCL final, where you expect your fans to be passionate.

Just to prove my point, watch the start of the game today between Roma and Brighton. And I guarantee you will see a passionate fan scene in the last 16 of the Europa fucking League, that you have NEVER SEEN AT ANFIELD IN YOUR LIFE.

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