Paulo Dybala


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Gotta agree with Horatio, why such a big deal for his signing? I mean I didn't see them doing that for Dzeko, Mkhitaryan, and other players who are in the Dybala tier.


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I've always been surprised that a big club like Rona can't attract stars or win trophies.
Dybala is nothing special. Find it hilarious that they are treating him like a prime Ibra.


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People need to understand:

It's a massive deal for a club like Roma to get that high profile player.

Typical big-club fan comments. Not every fan gloryhunts.


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This guy is legit one of the most talented players in the world.

Absolute joy to watch him. Unlucky with the FK hitting the bar but his technical ability is a joke.


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Heard he has a 12 mil release clause ?

He made the clearance on Mbappe in the final and also scored his penaldo.

We have to bring him home.

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