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I really, really wanted the Giants to win against the Eagles. Eli's interception in the redzone at the start of the 4th quarter was a pivotal mistake and they also were in good field-goal position at the end but for some reason Coughlin stilll decided to throw the ball and it ended up costing them vital yards. Bad coaching in the end by Coughlin.

One of the other crucial aspect of the game was that the Eagles Offensive line got the better of the Vaunted D-line of the Giants and they were able to run the ball with Mccoy. Vick was also able to extend drives with his feet and get on the outside. Overall it was a good game but i want the Giants to win that division. I think overall they probably have the best team in the NFC East (Eli is certainly the best QB in that division).


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Headlines :lol:

"49ers Embarrass Jets"
"Niners run all over Jets, who lose Holmes to injury"

... back to winning for the Niners!!! :D

It was interesting to see how red&gold the stadium looked in the 4th, after the Jets fans left. :)

But honestly being there I found it hard to tell whether the Jets O was that bad, or the Niners D was that good.
The 49ers play jets football better than the jets.

I can't wait to see the patriots v broncos game, should be a very good one. Next thought that I have is how will the Jets show up against the Texans.

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Holy crap Aldon Smith!!! What a beast!!! Also, Vernon Davis is closing in on 100 he's gotta be.

So far so good. Safe ball (save those Davis/Crabtree long balls... but mainly efficient). Nothing new same game plan same results... so far. Still a lot of clock to go but looking good.


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just watching DEN-NE(whoever that is) i dont unterstand a thing.Too many lines,numbers,interruptions and a surprising number of fat players aswell.Endurance is not a necessity here is it.


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Maybe Peyton probably wishes now that he joined SF instead. It was ridiculous how a team known for a more renowned running attack got out-rushed by such a ridiculous degree. NE completely controlled the time of possession and it was incredible how they converted so many long 3rd downs. Denver was known for being a more physical team but NE just beat them up. Mcgahee played like shit.

If NE can run the ball like they have the last 2 games, rushing for well over 200 yards then I don't see anybody stopping them. Running so many plays, really exhausting the opposing defense while keeping the opposing quarterback on the sidelines so that their defense (which is not as bad as last year) doesn't get exposed. Really they're the favourites for the Super Bowl if they can play like this in the post-season.

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49er Notes:

-Franchise record 621 yards against the Bills on Sunday.

-First team in NFL history with 300 yards passing and 300 yards rushing.

Ed, now you know why Atlanta hasn't been getting the coverage ;) Jk actually they have. Turner has been crazy and so has Ryan, problem is they give up a lot of yards, and don't have a serious defense like Houston or San Francisco.

With the Giants coming in next week to Candlestick, that will be a real test because they have some offense in Victor Cruz, Bradshaw and Manning simply on fire. They let the 0-5 Browns score 27 on them at Metlife though, so they are known to be leaky on defense. Step up Crabtree, Davis, Gore, Williams. 49ers vs Giants (game of the week/revenge last year NFC Championship)

Week 11, 12, 15, and especially 16 worry me the most this season.
Jets actually had some spirit against Houston last night, it was an entertaining game to watch. 49ers looked good against Buffalo, but that is not saying much. Green Bay let one go against Indianapolis.


Can we all agree that this guy is NFL MVP so far?


Reggie har been ridiculously good this year. He is 3rd in the league in receiving yards, with 506. Behind only Brian Hartline (514) and Demaryius Thomas (513) neither of which have had a bye week yet... Reggie leads the league with 126.5 yards per game. The 2nd closest is Hakeem Nicks with 118.5, and then Calvin Johnson with 105.8. He is also tied for 4th with 8 receptions over 20 yards with only Demaryius Thomas, Calvin Johnson, and Malcom Floyd ahead of him.

Marvin Harrison's record for receptions in a single season (143) is in play, as is Jerry Rice's season yardage record (1845)

Okay, maybe I'm getting carried away a bit with the MVP thing. But this guy is surely a lock for the HOF?
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And is that really a surprise (okay maybe the manner of it is). I said it before this week that the Giants are the best and most complete team in the NFL. The first game of the season they were below-par but Dallas played their best and smartest game in a long , long time and so did Philly (it was the only game in which Vick had 0 turnovers) when they beat the Giants but that was an extremely close game that, with better coaching in the end by Coughlin they could have won.

Giants are the most balanced team in football, it's just that they do have a few inconsistent games or plays from time to time that leads people to discredit them. They also play in the toughest division in football and therefore the final record is not in the end indicative of the strengths of this team as compared to others, largely due to the strength of schedule. There's a lot teams that are lighting it up right now in other divisions(Atlanta,Texans) that would be .500 or just a little above in this division. There;s no team in football that would run away with this division,way too much talent and skill out there.

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