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So many big plays by the Niners. Gore, Alex, Bowman, Crab/Moss, huge punt decision with a third and short by Harbaugh late in 4th. Smart game and rightful winners on the day.


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Giants lost to cowboys I heard, everyone hyping up romo. Don't believe any of that shit. G men got the NFC east I guarantee it.


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It's too late now. Raiders lost. Still, it's good to have a stream in handy for next weekend. TSN is shite.

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Touchdown Vernon Davis!!! :worthy:

Wow 49ers! Same football as last year but even more perfected and even more precise. Alex is a total beast, playing through that collision at the end and connecting with Davis for that huge TD at the end. 49er defense has been the most impressive unit on any field I've seen, shutting down GB at Lambeau and Stafford to of the most high powered offenses in the NFL (both ranked top 5 last season in points and ypg), limiting them and frustrating the hell out of them in the process. I love Harbaugh and all his methodical approach. His coaches and players know the drill, and are now patient because the outcome is effective.

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The 49ers start scaring me. When did we ever start that strong into a season? Probably ripe for a letdown at some point, but still, football's fun again.

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There is always going to be the chance of a letdown, but now, the tides have turned and no one is playing smarter more effective football than the 49ers. What's more is that Jim H. knows when to call timeouts and regroup whereas last season he let his team play through some complex situations and that compromised things. Very smart football with great tactics. Alex hasn't thrown a pick in 8 or 9 games when he was KNOWN to do nothing but in the past, all the while being that clutch player in the pocket and finding receivers. There is no more complete team in the NFL. Defense, Offense, Special Teams, Coaching. The only thing that can stop the Niners this year is the Niners.
The offensive line of the bears made Clay Matthews the second and third coming of the late great Reggie White. Nobody on the bears offensive line deserved that pay check for the game played. Packers are making their way back.

Cowboys played their usual way, win a game and show some hope then let the fans down with a crushing loss the next one. Houston and San Francisco are the best right now. New England is in trouble right now.

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